Artistic Endeavors: Artyze, a contemporary art gallery in Hong Kong brings a fresh and passionate perspective to Asia Pacific’s dynamic art scene

Gallery: Artyze | Owner: PYT | Location: Hong Kong | Photos: Artyze

A private boutique gallery located in the vibrant center of Hong Kong, Artyze aims to promote new and talented contemporary artists, bringing a fresh take on Asia Pacific’s bustling art scene. Established by founder, PYT in 2015 the Artyze gallery carefully selects each piece and always stays true to its vision of exclusive yet approachable art.

“Interested in the French culture, I moved from Taiwan to France when I was young and lived in France for 20 years,” says the owner. “After graduating with a management degree, I worked as a buyer, as well as a sales manager, in different industries such as banking, fashion and luxury. Through these experiences, I consider art as being more than just a product – it connects the soul and stories of both the artists and the collectors. Before working in Hong Kong in these past two years, I had never been here. I am surprised by the diverse culture and artistic vibe in Hong Kong. However, as Asian contemporary art is the mainstream scenery in most local galleries, I wish to bring along fresh inspiration from the West. An idea of opening a private gallery therefore emerged and I decided to establish my own gallery.”

The gallery currently features three distinguished artists: Yaz, Rai and Ogut. The pieces on display include various messages that raise important questions on our society, culture and the world that we live in. Using stunning materials and mixed media, the artists selected by the Artyze gallery succeed in producing thought-provoking art that both stimulate and delight their audience.

“I developed a strong interest in contemporary art immersing myself in the rich artistic French culture. Entering the art world, I befriended different talented artists like YAZ and started to support them as well,” PYT shares.

Originating from North East Algeria, Yaz is a French artist specializing in mixed media, painting, sculpture, photography and mirror art. Through his art, Yaz defies boundaries and communicates emotion through a common language. Having already enjoyed tremendous success, his work has continued to generate attention.

Rai, a Balinese painter, works predominantly with oil on canvas. His collection maintains fluidity in his depiction of emotion through portraits. His mastered technique is paired with his attention to current issues, such as his “No Smoking” show, allowing him to attract a wide audience.

As a Javanese contemporary painter, Ogut works predominantly with oil and acrylic paint, creating art that features a sense of movement. His paintings are recognized by their dynamic composition and extraordinary details.

In 2016 Artyze became a member of the prestigious Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, a member-based non-profit organization of over 50 established art galleries.

2 thoughts on “Artistic Endeavors: Artyze, a contemporary art gallery in Hong Kong brings a fresh and passionate perspective to Asia Pacific’s dynamic art scene

  1. teachexplorerun

    All of these art pieces look fantastic! I would want to purchase so many pieces I just seen through pictures. Is there a way to bid or purchase any of these new talented artist work from abroad or is it strictly available if you visit or live in Hong Kong?

    But the new artists PYT is bringing in are fabulous! Well done and this gallery will be on my checklist if I have a chance to travel to Hong Kong.

  2. Rob

    Very cool! Those are some beautiful pieces. I love how you include testimonies of the artists you mention. It is nice to see art expanding like this especially pieces that relate to political and societal issues. I think art like paintings and sculptures deserve more attention in the world. Thanks for sharing.

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