Nature First: The Dusai Resort & Spa designed by Vitti Architecture dances with nature in a contemporary way

Nature takes precedence in Dusai Resort & Spa, Bangladesh where the lines and contours of the surrounding tropical rainforest guide the conception and construction of the resort.

Project: Dusai Resort & Spa | Design: VITTI | Location: Moulvi Bazar, Bangladesh | Photos: Dusai Resort & Spa

Tucked amidst the lush landscapes of a tea plantation nestled in the hilly green heart of Moulvi Bazar, Bangladesh, Dusai Resort & Spa blends in with the traditional villages around it while standing out as a graceful property that promises luxury and adventure within its premises. Designed to fit its context like a glove, its structure which is constructed from a hybrid system of traditional tea estate bungalows and standard concrete construction, hugs the slope of the hills while perching atop the group via slender concrete frames anchored to the ground. For the roof, a mixed truss system of wood and metal complemented by soft thatch cover is employed. Overall, local technology and materials with workmanship sourced from the surrounding villages have been extensively used in this resort.

“Bangladesh is a river delta and the topography is in general, flat. Some hilly areas exist only in the North-East and South-East region. For this reason we only implemented a generally conventional process even in the hilly regions,” VITTI, the architectural firm engaged for this project says. “This project applies a combination of traditional and conventional techniques to make the structures more sustainable and have less adverse impact on its surrounding. Bungalows are built on slope on stilts. Construction on stilt allows drainage to remain uninterrupted, retain natural balance, keep the existing dense vegetation untouched and letting nature dominate over built structures. Therefore, Dusai stands considerably apart from formal construction culture and follows time tested traditional techniques.”

Comprising a main hotel block and individual cottages within its residential complex, the resort also incorporates a swimming pool, a spa, a conference room and indoor and outdoor gaming facilities. “Traditional homestead in Bangladesh features courtyards and clusters. Individual houses are built around courtyards, which in turn form clusters. In Dusai, this principal is followed. Varying functions are grouped around courtyards (valleys) forming clusters aligned with the hilly slope contour,” say the architects.

Upon stepping foot at the resorts, guests are ushered onto a meandering journey across the curved paths, taking them through the hilly landscapes before reaching their suites as a way to allow them to relish in the natural setting. “The internal roads and walkways are placed in a labyrinth loop encompassing the complex allowing to travel the whole area in circular motions,” the architects explain. “The programs in the linear site are distributed into public, semi-private and private zones in a consecutive manner. The public zone of the reception sits at the beginning that leads to a semi private zone with the main hotel and cottages for families along with recreational amenities, such as the sports area and the swimming pool. Following the dining, with golf court view, leads to the spa facilities and towards the private zone consisting of exclusive guest cottages at the end of the complex. Service amenities blend the semi private and private zones and are blend into the surrounding.”

Throughout, the aesthetics of the resort endeavours toward prioritizing nature over built structures. Rooms with large opening apertures towers nature invites the greeneries to step inside while allowing guests to enjoy the spectacular and uninterrupted view of surrounding from their dwellings.

“Nature is not lost in its extravagance but nurtured,” comment the architects. “The existing natural contour and wilderness was respected consciously since the inception of this project while placing structures in master plan. Existing natural open spaces were utilized; smaller segmented and scattered structures were placed within existing trees and natural topography of site. Natural contour guided the overall planning of the project. Building structures on the slopes allowed the structures to blend in with the surrounding, letting the wild green background dominate rather than the structures being overpowering. All the rooms face nature and open up to the surrounding wilderness with a large, barrier-free viewing aperture. The approach of site specific design method makes this complex environment conscious while allowing to create a very unique complex in this region, where nature is the only dominant force.”

17 thoughts on “Nature First: The Dusai Resort & Spa designed by Vitti Architecture dances with nature in a contemporary way

  1. Asen

    Lol, what a stunning place. I love going to the spa.
    This one looks really amazing. There is also a beautiful greenery as well.
    Is it expensive. How many stars is the hotel itself?
    I guess that it has everything needed for an excellent spa experience- (un)covered pool, steam bath, sauna etc.
    And shall I receive a discount once I have read your article?
    The last one was a joke, lol 🙂

    1. Lily Elle Wong Post author

      Hi Asen, I like that it is built according to its natural context. As for discounts, perhaps you can check with them! 😉

  2. Ultimatelesson

    I am really impressed with this resort in Bangladesh. It is absolutely stunning to say the lease!

    The architect really thought this one out and I hope I can go there.

    The spa looks very inviting and everything looks so green. The rooms are very spacious and the resort looks like an adventure in and of itself.

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Regards, Michael.

    1. Lily Elle Wong Post author

      There are many resorts in Asia worth discovering. Nowadays many architects are going the green route to build more efficient buildings. Stay tuned for more.

  3. Gina

    What a place of paradise! You have a beautiful way of describing this place – the words alone make me want to visit -and the pictures (are they your own that you took while visiting this spa?) are incredible.
    I have always dreamed of going to a place like this, essentially in the middle of a rainforest. The winding circular roads sound appealing too, you can just meander for hours and never have to leave this green wonderland.
    Might be by next vacation! (as soon as finances allow hah!)

  4. IllusiozTan

    I like your review about the Dusai resort. My understanding about Bangladesh is that it is a less developed country where the standard of living still remain moderately low. I never realize that Bangladesh got such a beautiful nature which has been showcased to the world through such a fascinating artwork by Vitti.Hope that I can visit this resort in another 2 years time.

    Beside the building architecture that is developed around the mother nature,I wonder whether the electricity, water system and waste management system there is adopting green recycling concept?

  5. JT

    Hey Lily,
    this place looks like It was taken out straight from a story book! 🙂
    I love the greenery and the whole hand-in-hand-with-the-nature approach. Even the rooms seem to breathe with life.
    I always wanted to visit a place like this, especially lately when I feel a little out of sync with nature.
    Dusai Resort & Spa sounds very inviting, but I’m wondering which one would you consider as your top destination?
    Thank you for your time,

  6. Ericka Mbl

    The thing I love most apart from design is nature and complement these two things is extremely beautiful and amazing I wish I could get married here or just go for a walk. Anything would be cool.

    The design is beautiful contemporary and surrounded by so much nature a perfect place to rest or take a vacation I love the idea of this type of resort, there should be more so as well we would conserve nature and in turn appreciate its beauty

  7. Dushan

    What an absolutely stunning retreat. I would never have guessed such a place existed in Bangladesh. I love the way it look’s so natural using foliage and wood.
    It must have a peaceful ambience about it. Ideal getaway for contemplation, meditation etc.

    Do you know if similar retreats elsewhere? Hope you’ll add more reviews like this in the future.

    1. Lily Elle Wong Post author

      There are many more resorts like there in Southeast Asia and more are being built with the environment in mind. Yes, stay tuned – i will source out similar ones and post them up to. Thanks for your comment!

  8. Farhan

    I never knew such a beautiful place existed in Bangladesh. I mean we rarely even hear about Bangladesh being advertised as a tourist attraction.

    The unique construction methods which is a combination of traditional and conventional techniques, is clearly evident through the photos you have posted. Will it break the bank to stay here for a night?

    Great post!

  9. Fay

    Hello Lily,
    Your review of the Dusai Resort & Spa is really great especially with the combination of the wording you use and the great pictures you included. Did you take the pictures?

    I really want to take a vacation there now! It looks like a beautiful place to go and relax. Sounds like it has a lot of indoor and outdoor options, which I love because that gives your trip a variety. This was an easy review to read and interesting!


  10. Daniella

    Hi Lily,

    Wow, what a dream destination! The pictures are so inviting. Just by watching them it makes me want to be there already! I am a nature lover, and this would be the place to go with my family for my marriage anniversary:)
    Just a question, please. Is there something to keep children busy while the parents enjoy the Spa?
    Thank you for this excellent post!

  11. Valina

    Wow! What a beautiful place – I had more or less given up any thoughts of travelling far again, but your wonderful pictures make me really want to visit this place. The architecture is so unique and special, really very inviting. What a great idea for a website.
    It looks like it might be really expensive but I also think it would be worth going to for a holiday not to be forgotten. Did you actually stay there?

  12. Greenvee

    What a beautiful place. I love the architecture, very unique. Even from the pictures you feel it is a very special place. Also looks like it would cost a pretty penny to stay there but I think it would be worth it for a once in a lifetime holiday.
    Thank you for your site and these beautiful pictures

  13. Kiki Sh

    Hello there,

    This place is like a dream. I have no idea that you can find this kind of resorts in Bangladesh. I really like the idea of a spa. The images you have included in your article are amazing. I hope one day to be able to visit it. It is like a paradise and it is great for a honeymoon.

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