Perfect Curves: Inspired by nature, this organically-shaped community clubhouse is designed to bring the outdoors in, ensuring that light, space and human comfort are in perfect harmony with each other

Project: Green Places Community Clubhouse | Design: Chain 10 Urban Space Design | Location: Tainan, Taiwan | Photos: Kuo-Min Lee

Stacked vertically as a series of free curves, each floor of the Green Places Community Clubhouse is designed by Taiwanese design firm, Chain 10 as a shared space for the residents of an independent community, providing occupants with cosy spaces for dining, reading, exercising, learning, sharing and communication. According to lead designer, Keng Fu Lo, the design is based on nature-inspired motifs and includes a reflecting pond, outdoor plaza and unobstructed views of the nearby hills. Varied surfaces with differing heights are also incorporated to encourage people to walk in and explore the interior.

“Natural elements are brought into the building not only through its décor, but with a wall formed of tall trees,” the designer explains further. “The result is a harmonious environment where human life maintains contact with nature.”

The continuous use of glass windows throughout the building breaks spatial barriers, inviting nature indoors and creating links between the inside and outside. To solve the western-sun-exposure problem common in Taiwan, a solid wall is positioned on the west of the building, reducing the impact of intense sunlight on the interior temperature.

On the second floor, a swimming pool is constructed to face a line of trees on the east side which contributes to moderating the temperature during cold winter mornings.

“When the sun brings warmth, the building’s design provides shelter for the pool,” says the designer. “The net result is a human space with ample natural sun, air and water.”

Nano silane ketone resin, used on the outdoor wall, effectively controls mould while providing waterproofing and allowing air circulation. The gaps between the anodized aluminum panels and RC walls help ventilate air warmed by the sun, increasing the energy efficiency of the indoor cooling system.

The design emphasizes not only a comfortable indoor environment, but a natural outdoor environment. In addition to fulfilling residents’ needs, the design of the clubhouse provides a comfortable environment where residents can enjoy socializing with their neighbours.

“The aim is to give the community’s residents a sense of belonging and happiness,” comments the designer.

This article was published in the June/July issue of Creative Home Magazine.

9 thoughts on “Perfect Curves: Inspired by nature, this organically-shaped community clubhouse is designed to bring the outdoors in, ensuring that light, space and human comfort are in perfect harmony with each other

  1. Bio

    I like your blog site, It speaks of quality. The furniture, fittings, designs, pictures are all perfect. It is so inspiring. It would be nice to take a walk around the club house seeing nature at it’s best. The flowers are clean, water looks so clear, the floors are neat. The inside looks so cool am sure I would get a lot done on my computer if I can get to spend a minimum of 2 hours cos the ideas will keep flowing. Thumps up

  2. Robert

    What a cool well designed community center! The views of the building exterior are stunning! The environmental design aspects mentioned in the article are leading design elements modern architecture should be incorporating. The interior views are equally stunning, I would love to hve this facility in my neighborhood to enjoy.

  3. Warren

    What a refreshing article about architecture and building design. Nobody like to live or work in a giant shoebox, stacked upon another one. This building and the stunning pictures of the interior show just what is possible when all things in life are considered before we put one line down on paper. It just looks so inviting! Good job.

  4. Joe Petruzzi

    My god, that is beautiful! It is astounding how modern the design is, but yet also how timeless it is. The simplicity of the curves bring so much elegance and a significant “perfection” vibe. I would love to see an update of pictures showing residents actually living in it. Would be neat to see how dirty any of it gets.

  5. Martin

    Nice way to discuss about the different types of curves that are displayed communities. A good friend of mines invited me to his uncle’s home and he happen to have a house similar to what I see on this site.Everything had a curvy feel to it and don’t get me wrong the house looked really nice and definitely pricey. I do like how it shows us how many designs can be created when it comes to these types of homes and what many people would prefer. Good website.

  6. Kevin

    WOW! The designer Keng Fu Lo encompassed all the aspects of how a social clubhouse should feel. I enjoyed the pictures demonstrating the flow of the structure. Giving you the feeling of a harmony between the indoor environment and feeling apart of the natural surroundings. Offering cozy privacy as well as spaces for social gatherings.
    Taking note of the structures energy efficiency. Using materials that looked at home with the landscape. The design technique of seeing no sharp edges is very appealing.

    1. Lily Elle Wong Post author

      Great point of view of seeing no sharp edges. I like this structure because of its undulating forms and how it weaves within its natural surroundings.

  7. Kimi

    Hi Lilywph,
    I love this clubhouse. I now want to live in it. The information on how it incorporates nature is fascinating. I especially like the part about why the pool was placed on the east side with a line of trees to utilize the warmth of the sun. I am all for taking advantage of natures wonderful resources (in a responsible way).

    I have seen shows on TV where houses are incorporated into nature and it is something I would love to experience living in this life time.

  8. Justin

    Hello, that is a marvelous building! I hope to someday visit… I did have a few questions: when was this building designed and built? It all appears so modern!
    Also I was curious if you have visited in person, and if it is really as nice as the photos make it out to be?

    Thanks again!

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