Black is Back: Anchored by a “black cant”, this fashion brand concept store conveys volumes of style using an all-black palette

Project: Heike | Design: AN Interior Design Co | Location: Hangzhou, China | Photos: Yujie Liu | Drawings: AN Interior Design Co

Tucked inconspicuously on the second furniture floor of a furniture store in Hangzhou is the Heike fashion brand concept store. Accessible only through a narrow staircase, the store was designed by AN Interior Design Co to convey a poetic conceptual and spatial experiment, creating an innovative example of interior design for an independent fashion brand and breaking the conventions of a fashion retail store interior.

Aptly named the “Black Cant”, this project features a wedge-like element to demarcate the space. “The crossing of the space between the two levels, the stairway, is simultaneously concealed and enhanced by a sculptural black block,” says the designer. “Named the ‘Black Cant’, this large slanted wedge separates by connecting and incorporates the passage from the ground to the first floor. It also includes the container for the fitting room and stock areas.”

It’s interesting to note that apart from being a conversation piece, the dark and invasive volume functions as a “text” element on a blank page while serving as a store and a gallery for exhibitions and events. Throughout, the project is an edgy cacophony of geometric, cutting shapes, minimal furnishing and a varied range of materials such as concrete, steel, aluminum and mirrors.

“Different textures were used to create matte and shiny surfaces, all of them in strictly gray and black shades, eloquent signs of craftsmanship,” the designers say, “Other example is the raw concrete construction, contrasting with the polished floors, the steel window structures, the hangers, the intensely black marble dust finish and the polished metals.”

4 thoughts on “Black is Back: Anchored by a “black cant”, this fashion brand concept store conveys volumes of style using an all-black palette

  1. Riaz Shah

    Hey Lily,
    I’m not very good with designs but wow, these photos blew me away! These designs would look awesome in a concept store.

    I could definitely recommend this to my friend, he’s opening up a concept store but for games though but I think this really match his personality as his style is mostly black.

  2. JohnA Clark

    I can only give positive comments on what appears to be a very professional looking website with a good mix of visual and text.

    The Green background must be to your personal taste – some will like it, others won’t.

    This is a very specialised niche, so site visitors will be limited but those who do will be delighted by what they see.

    I don’t know how I would improve on what you have already done. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Just celebrate on a job well done.

  3. Marlene

    I love this concept. Really love the photos too. Its looks great. You have a spectacular site going here.

    I like the wall behind the coffee table most. My second favorite is the hanging suite.

    Congratulations on a great site. I really like it. Continue with the good job you are already doing. I see great things for you ahead.

    Marlene W

  4. Ayako

    I love the photos on this post of this architecture, and it is also a great idea that you have used the drawings of the place. I know very little about architect designs but I’m sure those who know appreciate the drawings. I would love to visit the place one day.

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