Out of the Box: This karaoke bar hits all the right notes with its vintage-pop look

Project: MicroBox | Design: Vick Vanlian | Location: Beirut, Lebanon | Photos: Vick Vanlian

Inspired by the retro 50s, the MicroBox karaoke bar designed by Vick Vanlian features a contrast of styles where the authentic feel of Vanlian‘s design DNA is expressed in combination with a mixture of vintage, urban, futuristic and pop. The latest addition to the main vibrant strip in Jounieh, a coastal city in Beirut, Lebanon renowned for its beachfront hotels and lively night scene, MicroBox fits right into its location.

“When designing MicroBox, we respected and paid special attention to the old architecture,” says Vanlian. “By preserving the old stone arches and playing on the contrast of styles, we successfully brought this space to life and added a fun and modern twist.”

Upon entering the bar, the lighting strips suspended from the ceiling instantly catches your attention. “These are salvaged vintage microphones turned upside down and used as the main lighting element of the interior,” say the designer. “Microphones are also used on the main door as handles, giving visitors the rush to sing as soon they enter the bar.”

As a homage to the original pop stars, vintage televisions that were collected from all over Lebanon were also used as one of the main designs featured on the facing wall of the entrance. “For this space, I opted for pop art and action figures to add a dynamic, interactive, and out-of-this-world experience to the bar.”

6 thoughts on “Out of the Box: This karaoke bar hits all the right notes with its vintage-pop look

  1. Larkno

    The only thing that’s missing now is a retro gaming arcade! I love the Batman & Robin comic on the old TV’s although I would be a Robin too haha. The karaoke stand and micropones in the air really make the place feel like it absorbs every decibel and transform it into a vibrant place. Props too you for finding such a cool place and showing it to us, it was a nice article to read. I know where to go now when going to Lebanon. 😉

  2. Rosa

    Hi Lily,

    Wow, this is an amazing and unique place. I thought it was amazing the way the microphones were suspended from the ceiling and used as lighting. And the use of the old televisions is something you don’t see anywhere. It’s great how this place was designed this way.

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  3. Peter

    The atmosphere of this karaoke bar looks amazing and I love the vintage setting. I’ve personally always been too shy to go up on stage and use the mic, but if I was in a place like that, I might have to!

    I think the posters, the art, tv’s, microphones hanging from the ceiling, and lighting all help make this the amazing karaoke atmosphere that it is.

    I wonder how crowded this kind of karaoke gets on a typical weekend. So cool how this is located in Lebanon. You just never know how unique other countries beside the US can truly be!

  4. andrejs

    Hi, Lily.
    I am not a big fan of karaoke but like to sing. What a coincidence that first I sing karaoke was in mid-nineties when I was sailing seven seas on merchant vessels.
    It was in Singapore and as far as I remember a design of that bar was quite similar to that of your pictures. Most of all, except old style TV’s I like singer chair with bicycle pedals.
    I think that it is to raise or lower the singer at the microphone.
    Cool, very cool!

  5. wagreatstuff

    Hi, Lily. I think lighting plays a big part in this design. It adds the impact without which the whole concept falls apart. I also love how he maintained the old stone arches and play on the many contrasts. This he succeeds really well. I checked out Vick Vanlian’s website and was impressed with the interior works. But not excited on their architecture or furniture design, though!

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