Endangered Scents: This scented jewelry box collection inspired by well-loved endangered species reminds us to cherish precious memories

Project: The Endangered Collection | Design: Trigger Design | Location: Singapore | Photos: Cause & Effect Studio

Crafted to take the form of endangered animals, “The Endangered” collection of scented jewelry boxes designed by Singaporean product design firm, Trigger Design celebrates the precious moments we have with our loved ones, reminding us that moments passed are irreversible and cannot be retrieved. Showcased during Singaplural 2016, the collection aligns with the expo’s theme “Sense-the art and science of experience”. Interestingly, this collection is also inspired by the quote of Mohadas Karamchand Gandhi: “there is sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed”.

“Each of the endangered animals is infused with unique senses to engage the user and evoke his or her emotions and memories,” says Trigger Design. “Precious ornaments can be stored by opening the top lid of each the box.”

For every one of the jewelry boxes, Trigger Design incorporated four elements to appeal to our senses:

  • Sight: These functional art pieces use the abstract form and distinctive features of each animal to create a bold, recognizable and delightful visual.
  • Touch: The choice of material combinations and texture are carefully chosen to express each animal’s character. The gentle and majestic elephant is represented in white ceramics finishing with rose gold. The courageous and wild character of tiger uses wood and bright gold chrome while the calm and tough rhino is expressed using understated black chrome on cracked cement finishing. Finally, the elegant and approachable deer is formed using tiled pattern with gold chrome.
  • Smell: The Endangered is also a collaboration effort with the AllSense scent lab to develop a unique fragrance representing each animal. The scent is stored in a refillable fragrance beads cartridge.
  • Sound: When the wind-up key is tuned, each animal figurine will produce its own memorable musical theme. For example, the Tiger music theme is “What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong. These functional art pieces are precisely machined from CNC, hand jointed, polished and finished with high quality painting process.

3 thoughts on “Endangered Scents: This scented jewelry box collection inspired by well-loved endangered species reminds us to cherish precious memories

  1. Louise

    I absolutely love these! What great designs, and a lovely idea behind them as well. I don’t know how I would choose which one to get as I love all of them – and they look great together as a quartet!

    Perhaps the smell would sway me, or maybe the tune? Where are they stocked? And are they available in the UK?


  2. Edmunds

    It seems to be high quality and pretty adorable jewellery boxes. My mother always has a problem with her small chains, rings,etc. because we have two cats who are likely to steal something shiny, so this might be great solution for her problem. Should get one of these, where can I buy them?

  3. Bradley Boschma

    These are cool. My mom, my girlfriend and my sisters would think they are the cutest, coolest gift ever! What do they smell like? Does each one have a different scent or can I order a specific scent with a specific piece. i like the one that looks like an elephant. Let me know about the scents because my women in my family get allergic to different scents.


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