Glossy Glam: Modern retro with a touch of mystery, this party house invites you to come inside and play

Amidst a dark and glossy palette, sleek materials and beguilling details give this party home a unique personality that’s neither too playful nor too somber.

Project: The Playhouse | Design: House of Beast | Location: Hong Kong | Photos: House of Beast

At 6,000 sqft, this two-level apartment in Hong Kong whimsically named “The Playhouse” was transformed by Hong Kong design firm, House of Beast into a party/holiday home where social spaces are created with a touch of retro rustic atmosphere.

“Our client wanted us to transform this space into a private hideaway for parties and as a vacation home,” says the design team. “Satisfying our client’s needs, we surpassed everyone’s expectations in terms of its functionality and aesthetic beauty.”

Upon first impression, it is difficult to decide whether the interior atmosphere leans on the extroverted or introverted side. On one hand, the smoky dark palette suggests that it is a very private abode, opened only to the owners’ secret guest list. On the other hand, bold details invite plenty of conversation while dramatic features are placed strategically and purposefully to grab your attention – in other words, this home wants to be seen. It’s precisely this contrast that tingle your design senses and beckons you to delve deeper into the home’s well-composed spaces.

Throughout the home, there is a strong and stylish interplay of materials which have been sourced from around the world. From aged Italian brick tiles to blackened steel I-beams and cement panels, everything has been put together to carry out a sensual atmosphere.

Descending to the lower levels of the loft, a social dining area features an immense reclaimed wood ceiling with various combinations of tin ceiling panel above a custom-made communal dining table. To reimagine the Japanese cuisine experience, a teppanyaki counter donning vibrant shades of marble and onyx takes centerstage. Here, the designer incorporated recurrent geometric patterns complemented by an eclectic mix of furniture by moroso, stellar works, and de sede. Over to the bar area,  brownish grey marble and brass accents provide a modern retro look with a touch of subtle masculinity, contrasting with the brass anodized metal mesh details of the industrial-style staircase.

Upstairs, it is equally creative where a relaxing atmosphere reverberates throughout the chill-out spaces. The modern vintage theme continues uninterrupted while embodying an eclectic mix of brass and concrete paneled ceiling. Elegant, but not decadent, the master en-suite is softly tailored with rich textures. To support the massive wood headboard with the bedside drawer floating on both sides, a gallery-like steel frame was employed.

4 thoughts on “Glossy Glam: Modern retro with a touch of mystery, this party house invites you to come inside and play

  1. Michel

    Gorgeous home /party house. I would love to have a place like that. It must have cost a bomb though. In fact it looks so nice and clean, I would be careful who I invited to share it with me.

    Do you only do houses in the vacinity of Hong Kong, or are you international. If a customer comes from another country, is there somebody you could recommend?

    1. Lily Elle Wong Post author

      Hi Michel, thanks for your comment. This is indeed a unique house. 🙂 I write about designs in Asia. If you are interested in the designer’s work, you can always click the link above the article and get in touch with him. House of Beast is based in Hong Kong, but you can check with them if they take on international projects too.

  2. Chris

    All I can say is WOW! This is one gorgeous home. Total luxury.

    I prefer the darker tones and the design is really unique. My favorite room is the one with the big TV and the windows overlooking the city.

    I can only imagine what this party house must have cost to build being located in Hong Kong.

    Do you have an idea of how long it took to build?

  3. Dee

    Hello Lily

    This is gorgeous, is it possible to have my tiny house transformed into this? The palette is beautiful and I cannot get over their choice of lights.

    The bathroom with the black brick-like tiles is a work of art. I don’t know much about design, but I do know that this party house is anyone’s dream. I love it!

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